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How Does Infrared Heating Work?

How Does Infrared Heating Work?

Convection heating works by warming the surrounding air and that warmed air moves slowly into a room. Infrared heating however is essentially part of the light spectrum and works by heating up a particular object its waves touch rather than warming the air. So basically, the fabric of the property is warmed by the infrared and then the fabric radiates the heat back out to the air in the room. There is also some residual heat generated at the infrared device, whether it is a foil mat like in our installations or a panel. This residual heat doesn’t really have much of an effect in the room though.

What is the fabric that Infrared Heating heats?

When we refer to an infrared heating system heating the building fabric, we refer to your internal/external walls, floors, ceilings and indeed other objects that hold heat too.

What is the Infrared Heating Ceiling Temperature?

The “touch” temperature of the ceiling where the infrared heating mats in the ceiling reached, on average between 32 degrees and 35 degrees celsius.

Infrared Heating Installation Tips

The one tip I would recommend to anybody who’s considering installing infrared heating is to use/install foil backed plaster-board. If this is too arduous then install a foil backed vapour barrier in the loft between the joists and lay the loft insulation back over the top.

This is not as a vapour barrier but to reflect the infrared rays back into the rooms where you are installing the infrared heating.

This is an additional expense but it will enhance the system further.

Below is an image of foil backed plasterboard

Cheaper Alternatives to Foil Backed Insulation Plasterboard

Option 1:  Foil Insulation

We would recommend this to be installed in the loft space, between the ceiling joists with the loft insulation laid over the top.

Option 2:  PIR Insulation Boards

We would recommend this to be installed in the loft space instead of using loft insulation.

NB: Please do check the thickness you require to substitute the 270mm of rockwool though


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