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How much does an infrared heating system cost to install? / What is the cost of infrared heating 2022?

What is the cost to install an infrared heating system?

To install an infrared heating system similar to the system supplied by AstecTherm would cost, approximately £1500 per room

This is based from our own experience and costs following installing these systems.

Note: If you needed to install foil backed plaster-board, this would be in addition and would allow a further £150 to cover this.

Below is a breakdown of the estimated costs for an average size room, say 3m x 3m.

 Estimated Material Costs (prices include taxes)

  1. Infrared foil mats – £265
  2. Infrared power supply unit – £250
  3. Infrared thermostat – £84
  4. Cable – £40
  5. Ancillary parts and consumables – £25

 Estimated Labour Costs (prices include taxes)

  1. Infrared Installation including plastering (installer experienced with IR) – £836

Want to learn more about infrared heating? 

Below are links to some useful resources

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