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COVID – 19 Statement

In light of the COVID-19 virus and the continued disruption and anxiety it is causing, we would like to update and reassure our customers regarding our service


In light of the COVID-19 virus and the continued disruption and anxiety it is causing, we would like to update and reassure our customers regarding our service.

Many of you have been asking questions regarding engineers entering your home, so we have tried to answer as many of these questions below.

Above all, it is most important to know we are following advice from the UK Government and the Health and Safety Executive surrounding Covid-19.

The health & safety of our team, partners and customers is our top priority. We are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure we can continue provide you with a warm and problem free home/business whilst keeping everyone safe.

Guidance has been issued to our team on precautions to be taken before, during, and after a visit to a customer’s property. Rest assured that our engineers are keeping equipment and hands sanitised and reducing contact to a minimum while they are at your property.


Even before our engineers start their working day, we have put in place a series of mandatory Covid-19 health and safety questions. Our technology allows our engineers to answer these questions in real time, so management are aware of these answers straight away.


We will always use face masks and maintain at least 2m from anyone else. We will anti-bac anything we have touched or repaired leaving you total piece of mind.


I Have Suspected Covid-19 Symptoms, What Happens To My Appointment?

If you or anyone living in your property are under any restrictions due to COVID-19, please ensure you let us know prior to our engineers visit. We may need to change your appointment until your isolation period has ended.

How Can I Best Prepare For My Engineer Appointment?

All we ask is if you or anyone in your home start feeling unwell you must let us know. When our engineer is in your home, please keep at least 2 metres apart. If possible, please do not enter the same room the engineer is working in.

We asked our engineers what they feel customers could do to help them – 

  • To leave internal door leading to gas appliances ajar.
  • All door handles and touch points to be cleaned.
  • The property should be well ventilated with windows opened.
  • A nominated bathroom or WC should be cleaned to allow the operative to wash their hands.
  • All occupiers will be required to house themselves in a separate room to the contractor undertaking work.
  • Individuals in the household must not approach the operative whilst in the property.

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