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Best Combi Boilers 2022- Reviews / Prices / Warranties


Please find the below table of how we have determined the best Combi Boiler available in 2022.

We have completed a review of 16 of the main combi boilers that are available around the 30kW in size, which is the Combi size that is the most popular.

If you where to believe the Which magazine reviews, you will see something totally different and biased by how much that manufacturer pays Which to appear in there magazines and online reviews. Just take a look yourself and see where all the boilers we list are..


The warranty length is totally different to the consumer star rating. However, if you have a boiler problem, the warranty cover is what is going to save you £££ in the future.

The one boiler that has the longest warranty also tops the boiler reviews too, and as Trustpilot are detached from sponsoring, we use this as the correct barometer. 


Therefore, we judge by all the facts and declare the ATAG 128C Combination Boiler the clear winner. 


The following are to be used in conjunction with reading the above table

Note 1:  Average Price / Nearest to 30kW if 30kW is not available from that manufacturer

Note 2:

  1. In most instances, all manufacturers are charging around £150 for this, and the stipulation is you install their magnetic filter. This we do not agree with, to start with any magnetic filter should be allowable, secondly, all manufacturers state you have to install one, so why do they do not include this in with their standard price and warranty?

Note 3:

  1. Further Limited Access Warranty ONLY if the engineer has their manufacturer training. This training is often charged for
  2. Worcester Bosch also add a condition that the engineer must purchase over 20 boilers per year to access the longer warranties, which means, you as the home owner are more limited on your choice of installer to access this, we have seen the prices for the installations are typically higher.

Note 4:

  1. Information correct at time of writing this article
  2. These ratings will take into consideration the consumer experience, so boiler reliability, the boiler manufacturers customer service etc

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